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Bath & Body Works Is Teaming Up With... Netflix?! First Up: A Bridgerton Collection

The debut scent is inspired by the “chosen debutante of the social season.”

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Bath & Body Works has launched a new scent collaboration with Netflix featuring 'Bridgerton'-inspire...
Bath & Body Works
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When you think of Bath & Body Works, your mind probably doesn’t immediately go to… Netflix. But change is afoot, dearest readers — B&BW just announced a year-long partnership with the streaming service to “bring fragrance and beloved stories to life.” What does that mean, exactly? Well, let’s start at the beginning: In anticipation of the upcoming return of Netflix’s Bridgerton, B&BW will drop a collection inspired by the steamy Regency-era series.

Following a string of intriguing teasers, the fragrance maker put fans out of their misery by revealing that their first official collaboration with Netflix will be an exclusive, limited-edition Bridgerton line. According to the company, “The assortment is inspired by scenes, characters, key icons, and moments from the show, capturing its aspirational and vibrant aesthetic.”

Bath & Body Works Bridgerton Scents

Diamond of the Season, the first release of the collection, features notes of sparkling peach, spring daffodil, and radiant jasmine and represents the “chosen” debutante of the social season.

Bath & Body Works

In addition to Diamond of the Season, the collection includes four more exclusive new fragrances inspired by Bridgerton.

Danbury Shortbread

Bath & Body Works

This scent features notes of whipped vanilla, almonds, and sugar crystals. Yum!

Wisteria Garden

Bath & Body Works

This scent transports you to the grounds of a Regency-era estate, highlighting notes of sweet rosewood, English rain, and lemon petals.

Queen Charlotte’s Tea

Bath & Body Works

You know Queen Charlotte has all the good tea! This scent centers rich bergamot, bold citrus, and black tea.

Bridgerton Study

Bath & Body Works

All of those elegant libraries and lounge rooms with leatherback books in Bridgerton deserve their time in the spotlight, too. This scent honors them with notes of smooth amber, oakwood, and dried orchids.

The collection also includes “numerous accessories that celebrate key icons and scenes of the show.”

“Fans of Bridgerton are connected to this idea of immersive and decadent escapism, which we are trying to deliver through the power of fragrance. We wanted to add a dimension to the all-important occasion of bingeing our favorite Netflix shows,” explained Maurice Cooper, B&BW’s chief customer officer. After all, he added, “Scent is the most evocative of all our senses — it heightens our emotions, experiences, and memories.”

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Here are a few highlights from the B&BW x Netflix collab:

The Bridgerton collection drops on March 25 and comes just ahead of Bridgerton Season 3, which will air on Netflix on May 16 (Part 1) and June 13 (Part 2).

As for what other collaborations B&BW and Netflix have in store for fans in 2024, it remains to be seen. Do you think it’s too early to start campaigning for collections inspired by Emily in Paris and Wednesday?

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