13 Tennis Skirts That Are Sporty And Stylish At The Same Time

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by Michelle Sparks
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Tennis Skirts

Women’s tennis skirts are the trendy wardrobe bottoms you didn’t know you needed — until now. Athleisure—oh, how we love you. Never before has it been so fashionable to look like you just came from the gym without having, you know, actually gone to the gym. Bike shorts? We love ’em. Leggings? We got ’em. Sweat suits? We wear ’em. Basically, if it has an elastic waistband, requires zero effort, and somehow makes us look like a yoga-practicing, Barre-doing goddess, we’ll take it … and we’ll take a second one with pockets, please.

Why do female tennis players wear skirts?

According to professional fashion stylist, competitive tennis player, and fellow Mama, Soneca Guadara, female tennis players wear skirts for comfort and to make their mark in the male-dominated sports world. “[Tennis skirts are] comfortable and with the Spandex underneath, it allows for full range of motion,” she says.

The amount of options to set yourself apart on the court is endless (I mean, just check out the 13 choices below). “Today, women have an array of color choices and styles to pick from…” Guadara adds. “They are fun, flirty, and feminine! Given that sports are typically male-dominated, it’s nice to see some feminity on the court.”

That’s why we’re so thrilled that tennis skirts are having a moment right now. With sweat-wicking fabric, flirty hems (combined with full-coverage shorts underneath of course), and preppy pleats for days, they’re exactly what we want to be wearing around the clock, 24/7. Whether you’re running errands or lounging on the couch watching Disney characters and 90s cartoons with your kids, there are plenty of options out there for every mood. Here are the best tennis skirts you can buy right now—no serving (or sweating) required.

Best Tennis Skirts For Women

This Penn Store tennis skirt is beloved by well over 1,000 Amazon customers. Moisture will be kept at bay with the wicking performance material used, and its flat seams will reduce chafing. Outside of comfort, this skirt is also quite fashionable. Even when you’re not working out, you won’t mind lounging around in it.

Going for a run? Taking the kids to the pool? Heading to a brewery with your partner? No matter what you’re doing this summer, this tennis skirt is what you should be wearing, according to 2,600+ (!!) reviewers. Available in 11 colors from black to bright pink, the double-layered skirt has an adjustable waistband along with pockets that are big enough to hold your iPhone. Take it from this mama: “Stop—you’ve found the skort you’ve been looking for. If you’re worried about your thighs chafing under a skirt, it’s the perfect solution for you. It was for me. It fits so good and it’s the perfect length: not so short that it shows off too much but it not so long that it looks like I’m going to church. BUY IT!”

This tennis skirt from HDLUSIA has it all — breathable and stretchy material, an elastic closure, and slightly more length than other skirts. Perfect for cheerleading, tennis, or just lounging around the house, reviewers love how comfortable they are while wearing it. “Amazing! If you’re like me and you can’t stand anything clinging to or digging into your stomach, this skort is for you!” said one happy Amazon customer. “It fits great! I ordered 4 of them in different colors!”

With 13 incredible color and pattern options (and pockets), it’s easy to guess why so many people trust this Fulbelle tennis skirt. With comfortable flat seams, you don't have to worry about chafing or discomfort. With over 1,000 customers giving this skort a five-star review, this skirt was obviously built with continuous wear in mind. “This is now my favorite go-to skirt for exercise or just mulling about,” one reviewer disclosed. “It has pockets on either side of the hip on the outside but also on the inside. Pockets are deep enough to hold my phone, keys in another, and even poop bags in another when I take the pups for walks. Love this so much!”

High Waisted Tennis Skirts

Want to feel like you’re wearing workout clothes without actually looking like you are? Same—which is why we (over 1,800 shoppers) are very into this tennis skirt that could easily be mistaken for a regular A-line skirt. However, unlike that pricey linen J. Crew skirt you have hanging in your closet, this one is just $26 on Amazon and is made out of a material that is lightweight, stretchy, and, most importantly, wrinkle-resistant. Plus, since it comes in both solid colors and prints like floral and leopard, you can wear it right from the office to the gym and neither your coworkers—nor the cute guy on the treadmill next to you—will suspect a thing.

Business in the front, party in the back. No, we’re not talking about mullets—we’re talking about this super cute tennis skirt on Amazon. The front is a sleek, flattering slim fit that says “I’m a grown woman” while the back features preppy pleats that say “But I like to have fun.” And by fun, we mean you like to wear things that you can run around in without worrying about flashing everyone in sight, both of which you can do (or rather, not do, for the latter) thanks to the skirt’s stretchy fabric and the shorts lining underneath. Bonus: It has not one but two pockets for carrying all your essentials when you’re doing said running around.

The day we learned that high-waisted everything is trendy again was the day we realized there is in fact good in this world (and the day we ate an extra snack because hey, that waistband will suck it all in!). This tennis skirt does just that with its extra-wide band that sits high on your waist. Paired with the flouncy, flared fit at the bottom, it makes for one heck of a flattering skirt on every body type. According to hundreds of reviewers who gave it a five-star seal of approval, the skirt is longer than most tennis skirts (give us all the coverage!) and has a perforated short lining that’s incredibly breathable (perfect for your lady parts).

One of the best things about this athletic skort is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily look like an athletic skort. In fact, you could easily wear this out on a Saturday night and feel perfectly in style. It’s lightweight, breathable, and looks good with a proper blouse or a t-shirt. Of course, you can also move well in it. “Went for a nice jog at a faster pace, and they were awesome! I love the fit, and the material, the shorts didn’t ride up on me. And the length is perfect!” raved one customer on Amazon.

Pleated Tennis Skirts and Skorts

Behold, the quintessential white tennis skirt (courtesy of Tory Sport, no less!) that looks damn good on and off the court. Equal parts timeless and sporty, this pleated white number is the definition of athluxury. Toss on an oversized sweatshirt and your trustiest kicks for a dialed-down look. Running after the kiddos post-naptime (their naptime, not yours… a mama can dream though)? Toss this on for a one-and-done outfit. Running errands around town? Once again, this hero piece has got you covered from a.m. to p.m.

When it comes to pleated skirts, it’s hard not to consider this winner by Werena. Available in 23 colors, it might be tough to choose just one. This high-waisted skirt not only goes with everything, but it’s also a hit when you just want to hit the courts. Unlike a lot of skirts (and clothing in general), it has three pockets that are functional enough to carry items like golf balls, tennis balls, or your phone.

Looking for a skort that looks nothing like a skort? This Hoerev pleated tennis skirt will fool everyone. This skirt is popular on Amazon for a couple of reasons. For one, it has a zipper closure. It’s also machine washable, so you can throw it in the wash. The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, so it’s great to grab for an “emergency wear” on those days you forget to do laundry. These are also a skort, so you can feel secure on windy days.

When it comes to working out, Adidas is a name you can trust. Luckily, they also happen to make some pretty cute tennis skirts. Available in navy, black, and white, this skirt shows you mean business while out on the court or in the field. Plus, it’s activewear you can feel good about. This skirt is made of Primegreen, otherwise known as high-performance recycled materials.

First off, how cute is this tennis skirt? With stripes and a hidden pocket, it’d be tempting to wear these all day, every day. In 14 colors — some of those being eye-catching pastels — it might be hard not to just order seven different ones and make this skirt an official part of your everyday wardrobe. It’s not too baffling to think of, as one Amazon reviewer almost did just that. “I bought this skirt in two colors, and I now I want it in every available color,” they wrote. “It is adorable, and super comfy with shorts inside and a pocket. I don’t want to wear anything else anymore! Obsessed.”

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