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National Best Friends Day Is The Perfect Excuse To Celebrate Your Favorite Mom Friend

No one gets you like she does.

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National Best Friends Day is a great excuse to get together for some quality time with a favorite pe...
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There are some things they don't tell you in pregnancy books, leaving you to discover these things on your own in parenthood. Among them? Just how vital your best friend will be when you become a mom. Were your friends important to you before having kids? Of course. But there's something about being in the trenches of motherhood that adds extra imperative to those friendships. And your best friend, well, she's the best. So, on June 8, when your social media feeds start filling up with posts for National Best Friends Day, you might want to do something a bit more special for your bestie or favorite mom friend.

After all, she's the Rachel to your Monica (or maybe the Joey to your Phoebe). She's always there for you whenever you need her, whether you're living far apart or next door to each other. She makes you laugh until you cry and never hesitates to offer a shoulder for you to cry on. And, of course, she's always down for an epic group chat to talk all things about motherhood, funny kid stuff, and the latest episode of Euphoria.

So, how will you celebrate your "person”? If you're struggling to come up with some fun and fresh ideas to spend some much-needed time together (or simply let your best friend know you care), keep reading for suggestions that will remind your friend you'll always be there for her — even when the rain starts to pour.

What is National Best Friends Day?

In 1935, the U.S. Congress convened to dedicate one day each year as a tribute to close friends. They chose June 8 since the weather is temperate in most regions of the country on that date. And thus, National Best Friends Day was born.

More than just an opportunity to share a cute photo on social media, the special day honors the people who make your life better and more enjoyable. According to the Mayo Clinic, the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of having best friends include:

  • Improving your sense of purpose.
  • Boosting happiness.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Increasing self-confidence.
  • Helping cope with traumatic experiences.
  • Reducing the risk of many significant health problems, such as depression and high blood pressure.

What are some ways to celebrate Best Friends Day?

Whether you want to keep things low-key or go all out, these suggestions have you covered.

1. Plan a Best Friend Movie Night

Remember when throwing a slumber party with your BFF was the ultimate hang? Relive your childhood memories with a grownup sleepover complete with a lineup of best friends-related movies (Girls Trip, Something Borrowed, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and Someone Great come to mind). Or cue up a motherhood movie that’ll have both of you howling, “Accurate!” Snacks, cozy PJs, and your BFF's favorite beverage are givens, of course.

2. Throw a Charcuterie Board Party

OK — maybe it's just you and her eating olives, pickles, and cold cuts in the kitchen. That works, too. But if you have the time to pull off last-minute invites, why not go for broke? Rope other members of your inner circle or favorite mom group into the fun. You could even provide supplies and let your BFF and other friends build their own charcuterie boards. Either way, you all get to enjoy snacks and grown-up gossip, the latter of which is practically as filling as the first.

3. Make it a Spa Day

You both deserve some rest and relaxation. Commit to getting some major zen by booking a spa day complete with mani-pedis, a deep massage, and/or a facial. Need something a little more affordable? Create a DIY spa day at home where you paint each other's nails and put on face masks as you lounge around in your robes, sipping sparkling water.

4. Cook a Favorite Meal

If your best friend is a foodie, treat them to cooking their favorite meal. Maybe it's something they love to order every time you go out to a restaurant, or perhaps it's a memorable meal you once shared together (like when you went to Italy together after college). Pull out all the stops at home with a three-course treatment (it doesn't hurt to show off your culinary skills once in a while).

5. Do Their Chores for the Day

If your BFF is an "acts of service" type of person, they will love this gesture — especially if they're super busy. You might consider driving their kids to and from school or running errands for her during the day. Maybe it's cleaning up her house (or scheduling a maid service to do it). Whatever can help your friend breathe a little easier and feel supported!

6. Send Her a Little Gift

This is a sweet gesture for the long-distance best friend (or one close by too!). Order her favorite bouquet of fresh florals, a cute succulent, or something she can plant from a local flower shop. If she's a coffee drinker, send her to Starbucks with a gift card in hand or give her a voucher for a local coffee shop.

7. Host a Game Night

If your best friend is always down for a good trivia night or a fun game of Scrabble, then host a game night with just the two of you or a group of your nearest and dearest. You might want to stick with one game for the night or mix it up with a bunch of her favorites. This is also an excellent idea for long-distance BFFs — you can host a virtual games night either through FaceTime or Zoom. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

8. Create a Kid-Free Zone

Listen, she loves her kids. You love her kids. You love your kids. She loves your kids. There’s so much love for the kids — this isn’t about not loving the offspring inextricably tied to your friendship. This is about making sure your bestie takes time for herself whenever and however she can, and sometimes that honestly means finding a quiet corner of the house to call her own for five minutes. Plan a time when you can come over and create an ideal “sanctuary” for her — maybe complete with a stack of her favorite books, a candle, and a cozy cashmere throw that’ll be strictly off-limits to sticky little fingers.

9. Take a Class Together

You know she’s been dying to try that pottery glazing class, but (a) she’ll never admit it publicly and (b) there’s no way she’d go on her own. Volunteering to go with her — or finding a class you’ve both been wanting to try — makes for a fun and potentially educational experience. Even if you’re comically bad at whatever you attempt, it’ll be a win... because you’ll laugh your asses off doing it.

10. More Acting Class!

Step out of your comfort zone, or right into the middle of it, by taking an acting class. It can be a wild and exciting experience, especially if you've never tried it. From the exercises to the scenes, there's no wrong answer, a wonderful chance to let loose, and a hilarious story to tell later.

11. Spread the Love on Social Media

Hey, there’s a reason posting with the hashtag #NationalBestFriendsDay is the go-to: It’s quick, easy, and still makes an impact. Whether you add clever best friend captions to the photos you share or get sentimental with a lengthier tribute, she’ll love having the digital reminder of your bond.

12. Bring Her Coffee

This may sound basic, but your best friend will appreciate nothing more than starting her day off right. So help her set a positive tone for the rest of her day and send over her usual Starbucks order. Not only will this make her morning move quicker, but it's the sweetest and most caffeinated gift she will ever receive.

13. Plan a Hike

A hike is about more than exercise; it's also a peaceful way to catch up and talk. Taking a trek outdoors has a funny way of opening people up, and you and your bestie can get in a great gab sesh while breaking a sweat. It's a wonderful way to start the day and squeeze in some grade A quality time with your BFF.

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