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July 24, 2024

New Parents

THE BOLD TYPE - Freeform's The Bold Type stars Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan. (Nino Munoz/Freeform via...
you've got this
BySarah Aswell

'The Bold Type' Star Katie Stevens Opens Up About Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

"No one told me about where you just don’t recognize yourself.”

Over the past 100 years, these once-popular baby names have fallen out of style to the point that th...
okay but Clifford is cute

These Names Were Super-Popular In 1923. Now They're Considered "Extinct"

A mom and physical therapist's assistant shares her best advice for moms healing after childbirth.
rest & recovery

A New Mom & Pelvic Health Therapist Shares Her 5-5-5 Rule For Postpartum Health

A company has made an AI chatbot geared toward parents that works off of peer-reviewed information.
new tech

A Tech Company Created An AI Chatbot Geared To Help New Parents

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ByKatie Garrity

Redditors Listed The Best Twin Names They've Ever Heard

Do twin names have to go hand in hand?

The Legacy Lives On
BySamantha Darby

Can We Talk About Kennedy, The Baby Name?

It's a name associated with glamour and tragedy, but when did it become a popular choice for little girls?

she has a point
ByJamie Kenney

A Mom Claims The Hardest Parenting Transition Is Going From Zero Babies To One Baby

Forget going from one to two or two to three, this mom says it doesn’t get harder than becoming a parent for the first time.

A Better Battery
ByMorgan Music

Energizer's New Battery Has 3 Brilliant Child Safety Features

Parents of curious babies and tots are going to love these genius improvements to coin battery safety.

ByMorgan Music

Sweden Offers Paid Leave To Grandparents Helping With Grandkids

50 years after becoming the first country in the world to offer paternity leave, Sweden raises the bar again by extending paid parental leave to grandparents.

BySamantha Darby

23 Edwardian-Era Baby Names Full Of Hope & Progression

While still being majorly vintage and unique, obvi.

From Fur-Mom To Fur-rustrated
ByMorgan Music

New Mom Sees The Pets She Once Loved As 'Nasty, Dirty, Monsters'

A new mom went to Reddit's Mommit forum to confess her new hatred for the household pets since bringing their baby home.

Save 'Em
ByAmy Thetford

8 Charming & Romantic Middle Names For Isabella

you've gotta be squiddin' me
ByKatie Garrity

This Woman Wonders If She’s Overreacting After Her Sister Shared Her Baby-To-Be’s Odd Name

"I am not making this up. I truly wish I was."

Your Little Majesty
ByCandace Nagy

25 Regal Baby Names That Mean “King”

And, no, none of them are Henry or Richard!