The Best Kids’ Jewelry Boxes For Housing Their Baubles And Your Lost Treasures

A place for all their trinkets.

by Michelle Sparks
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best kids jewelry boxes
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If you’re looking for one of the best kids’ jewelry boxes for your little girl (or boy), it’s probably because you’re tired of finding plastic necklaces and bracelets scattered all over the floor. Even though it may be kid jewelry, that sh*t is expensive, too! Diamonds (even faux ones) are a girl’s best friend. But they aren’t a mom’s best friend when they’re scattered all over with clutter on the living room floor—or worse, when they’re stepped on with bare feet.

There are only two solutions to your messy — and potentially painful — problem: Stop buying your child necklaces and earrings or give them somewhere to store all their baubles. And by “somewhere,” we mean a jewelry box specifically designed for kids. There are boxes with unicorns, boxes with Disney characters, boxes with princesses, musical jewelry boxes, boxes that lock with a key… and that’s only the beginning. There are also tons of choices when it comes to the inside of your kids’ jewelry box, like ring rolls, earring holders, and necklace organizers. Basically, a quick search on Amazon shows that the options are seemingly endless.

So what are the best jewelry boxes kids will actually love—and more importantly, actually take the time to use? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks, from a beautiful ballerina jewelry box to a personalized jewelry box to one they can build themselves.

The Best Kids’ Jewelry Boxes

This Jewelry Box That Holds All The Studs

For kids who believe there’s no such thing as too many accessories (and let’s be honest, they’re right), this is the ultimate jewelry box. It has divided compartments for organizing everything from necklaces to rings to bracelets, and even has a place to neatly store up to 52 pairs of stud earrings. And since it comes in chic solid colors (with no childish princesses or unicorns), it’s a great jewelry box for teenage family members or friends who are looking for something a little more grown-up.

Helpful Review: “Beautiful jewelry box! My daughter loves this and it keeps all her earrings organized.”

Available Colors: 6

This Adorable Jewelry Box Purse

So your kid wants a purse and a jewelry box? Kill two birds with one stone (or rather two gifts with one click) with this uniquely shaped box, which looks like a tiny purse when it’s all closed up. But don’t be fooled by its miniature size—after all, good things come in small packages, right? It has tons of tiny compartments for organizing jewelry along with ring holders, two pull-out drawers, a mirror, and a latching clasp to keep it all together. Plus, reviewers rave that the jewelry box is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for young kids who love toting all of their trinkets and baubles around with them.

Helpful Review: “This is perfect for my little girls, ages 4 and 6! The youngest asked for a jewelry box, so I showed her a pic of this one and she liked it. The quality seems great! It’s a pretty soft bubble gum pink. There is ample space for a little girl to put her “jewels”. After i received it, I decided to order one for my oldest as well.”

Available Colors: 1

A Locking Two-Tiered Jewelry Box With So Many Compartments

This two-layer jewelry box is for the serious jewelry collector and keeps everything safe with a locking feature. The soft lint interior has dividers for every jewelry category and comes in four bold colors to match your child’s favorite.

Helpful Review: “I’ve had this for a year now and it holds all of my jewelry perfectly. Tons of little compartments, a pretty color and I like the added security of being able to lock it with a key.”

Available Colors: 4

This Indestructible Jewelry Case

Are you looking for a jewelry box that can’t be destroyed by your little kid? This suitcase-style jewelry case has metal corner protectors that can withstand getting knocked around. With rounded corners, it’s still a safe choice and its larger compartments are ideal for storing big beaded jewelry that little kids tend to love. It would also make a great makeup case.

Helpful Review: “My daughter loves this. It's very sturdy & cute, too. It's hard to see in the pictures, but the little dots all over are sparkly silver hearts. There's plenty of room on the interior; definitely more than my 7 year old needs to hold her little treasures.”

Available Colors: 2

This Fun Make-Your-Own Jewelry Box

Crafty kids will love blingin’ out their very own jewelry box! Leave the designer job to kiddos with this craft jewelry box that would be an awesome gift. It’s part jewelry box, part art project, and a unique place for kids to store their sparkly treasures within its single large compartment. Kids can follow the numbered pattern to match up the stickers or make up their own design.

Helpful Review: “This is an adorable, easy craft for children to do. The heart shaped paperboard box is sturdy and has a large shaped mirror inside. My 8 year old daughter enjoyed placing the glittered stickers on the box. The stickers adhere very well.”

Available Colors: 1

The Best Musical Jewelry Boxes

This Musical Jewelry Box That Even Comes With Some Jewelry

The only thing better than a unicorn jewelry box is a unicorn jewelry box that plays music — which is exactly what this is. The box, which is covered in magical designs and doodles, opens to a small unicorn figurine that twirls to tinkling, calm music. And it’s as functional as it is fun, too, with a large fabric-lined compartment and ornamental oval mirror. It even comes with a matching jewelry set, including a ring, bracelet, and necklace.

Helpful Review: “Purchased as a gift for my 7 year old Daughter. Gift was a hit!! My daughter loves the unicorn, the music is wonderful, colors are vibrant and beautiful!”

Available Colors: 6

This Deluxe Jewelry Box With Dedicated Necklace Storage

Just looking at this jewelry box is exciting, since there are so many places to store things. (And when you’re a kid, that’s pretty important.) For younger kids, this one may also double as a play item on its own, as one Amazon customer found out. “I bought this mostly to keep necklaces from tangling in my daughter's jewelry box,” they wrote. “She had different plans for it though. She has made it her Barbie closet and dresser.” Barbie is one lucky gal.

Helpful Review: “This jewelry box was very cute. I really liked how you can hang the necklaces and there is plenty of drawers. My daughter absolutely loved it.”

Available Colors: 1

A Fan-Fave Jewelry Music Box With Nearly 5,000 Five-Star Reviews

A must-have for mini jewelry fanatics, this sturdy jewelry/music box comes with a twirling ballerina inside — a classic. But the best part? The ballerina is offered in two skin tones, showing there are dancers of all colors. Also included are a rose gold necklace and bracelet set to start (or add) to your little’s bauble collection. Amazon shoppers love this musical box too — it’s earned nearly 5,000 five-star reviews (and counting!)

Helpful Review: “This Music box is very cute, music plays and it comes with a necklace and a bracelet too.”

Available Colors: 2

This Elegant Silver-Plated Music Jewelry Box

If you’re looking for a classic jewelry box, look no further than this incredibly popular gem. This box features a beautifully sculpted heart pattern. And as pretty as it is on the outside, it’s even prettier on the inside: The jewelry box opens up to the tune of “Fur Elise” as a graceful ballerina twirls around atop the baby pink velvet interior. It’s a little pricey, but undeniably heirloom-worthy.

Helpful Review: “What a steal! Longtime Lenox client. They never fail on the craftsmanship. The jewelry box is impeccable in design and construction from inside and out.”

Available Colors: 3

The Best Disney Jewelry Boxes For Kids

This Cool Frozen 2 LEGO Jewelry Box

This Frozen 2 LEGO jewelry box is perfect for brick fans, allowing them to build and redesign it as many times as they want. It comes with recognizable characters, LEGO rings that fit most kid fingers, and features a handy drawer for storing their littlest treasure. Plus, like most LEGO projects, parents will love that it will keep their kids busy.

Helpful Review: “A great and very unique build for a LEGO set, they've not released many sets like this with a draw component before. The inclusion of the translucent horse is superb as this isn't available anywhere else and the colours look great. A great display piece with extra utility.”

Available Colors: 1

This Disney Raya Jewelry Chest That Lights Up

If your kids are nuts about Disney, this jewelry box is a great option. It features a beautiful pattern with gold accents and Sisu sitting atop a pond surface that lights up while Disney’s Flower Pond theme song plays. The drawer is perfect for storing little treasures and even comes with a bracelet.

Helpful Review: “This is beautiful. Something every little girl would love. It lights up plays music and has a bracelet that you can put in the treasure box. Love it.”

Available Colors: 1

This Little Mermaid Jewelry Box With Fun Bling Included

Fans of The Little Mermaid will love this jewelry box. Princess Ariel twirls to the music just above the large compartment that can fit quite a few pieces of jewerly. The jewerly box comes with a matching mermaid necklace and bracelet. A beautiful fabulous present for a mermaid fan.”

Helpful Review: “I purchased this for my daughter for her 1th birthday. This was the only things she wanted. I was a little worried about relying on this being what I wanted. It has Ariel as described. I wasn't disappointed. It was perfect. Its sturdy, small (but the perfect small) and seems to be durable since it hasn't been broken. I would recommend this if you are looking for a music box for a small child.”

Available Colors: 7

This Magical Aladdin Jewelry Box With A Moving Magic Carpet

Pay homage to one of the Disney classics with this Aladdin jewelry box. Princess Jasmine fans will love watching her and Aladdin ride on the moving magic carpet while “A Whole New World” plays in the background. The drawer is small but can hold at least a few pieces of jewelry, the included blue ring included.

Helpful Review: “I got this for my daughter's 5th birthday since she wanted a Jasmine themed party.It's a Great size and beautiful. The image behind jasmine and Aladdin move as if they're flying in the sky while the music plays.”

Available Colors: 1

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