20 Dino-mite Gifts For The Dinosaur-Obsessed Kid

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by Dana Baardsen
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dinosaur gifts

If you’re looking for dinosaur gifts for kids, it’s because dinos will always rein supreme in our little one’s lives. Today’s tech-savvy children live in a world that would be unrecognizable to the ’80s kid. But despite watching Ryan’s Toy Review on a continuous loop or the singing baby shark toys (instead of reading comics), there are still a few timeless toys and interests that 21st century kids love, just as their parents and grandparents did. Along with Spiderman toys and inflatable kiddie pools, another such obsession is dinosaurs — thanks, in part, to a handful of prehistoric Disney characters and regular Jurassic Park re-boots.

Even though they’re extinct, these giant creatures will never go out of style. Dinosaur stuff for kids — from dino-themed crafts, to toys, to books — is a guaranteed winner. Just ask a kid, and they will most certainly show their roaring enthusiasm.

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If you’ve got a dinosaur-loving kid in your life, here are a few dino-mite picks to check out!

Unique Dinosaur Gift Ideas

Best Dinosaur Gifts

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Dinosaur-loving kids are fun to shop for because you can still find T-Rexes and velociraptors everywhere—from pajamas to puzzles to LEGOs. Hopefully this list helps you choose the perfect gift for the child who may love dinosaurs more than they love you.


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