The Best Water Trampolines, Inflatables, And Toys For An Epic Time At The Lake

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by Megan Hungerford
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Headed to the lake this summer with the fam? Keep everyone entertained with these fun water toys for the lake. No fancy water sports equipment here! These lake-friendly toys only need some hot air (an air compressor would work) and, well, a lake. We’ve got lake trampolines (aka, water bouncers), lake slides for the thrill-seekers, water blasters, paddleboards, and plenty of floats. Go ahead grab that cocktail and sunhat and take a float! (We mean you, not your kids.)

We’ve all seen the Insta-worthy larger-than-life lake floats taking over social media. Unicorn and swan inflatable lake toys are populating shorelines everywhere. (Because they are adorable). But if you are looking for something more fun than fashionable, you came to the right spot. We’ve got lake floats (light years better than molting pool noodles) and inflatables that will be just as selfie-worthy. Plus, floating islands and oversized swim mats — which quite possibly could be the best water toys for the lake, ever!

Unload a summer of thrills with a lake trampoline or a lake slide. Be that super fun parent and get those kiddos playing king of the lake on a water bouncer (you can also keep it tame with some casual jumping (or flipping) into the water. Better yet, blow up one of our favorite lake slides and let those kids take the ride of their life — totally boat free. It’s summer, your kids are going to get bored and on your last nerve. Increase the lake fun factor with the best water toys for the lake for the whole family (and save your sanity).

Best Water Toys for the Lake

Water Blasters That Everyone Can Use

You better watch your back with the Max Liquidators floating around the lake. Pull the handle to load the cannon with the tip underwater and you’ve got an epic water fight on your hands. Small but mighty, the 2-inch diameter water blasters are only 12 inches long, allowing youngsters to easily join in on the fun! Looking for more power? Check out the Max Liquidator Eliminator with a larger 3-inch diameter.

Reviewers say: “These are easy to use, well made, [and] colorful. We got them for our granddaughter's 5th birthday party. They were a big hit with kids and adults alike. Small enough for the 5-year-olds to handle but they shot a stream of water a good 20 feet. Some kids had sword fights with them and I wondered if they would break, but they did not. Well satisfied.”

A Paddleboard Set That’s Even Great For Beginners

As far as lake toys go, this one’s definitely a bigger purchase than some of the rest. However, it’s fantastic if your family loves to paddleboard. Wide and lightweight, this non-slip inflatable stand-up paddleboard is great for beginners and has over 1,000 five-star reviews from people of all levels. It’s also fantastic as a yoga board. Along with the board itself, you’ll get a paddle, a coiled ankle cuff safety leash, a pump, and a cool bag to carry it all around in.

Reviewers say: “We figured this would be cost-effective because it was a bargain compared to some of the big box paddle boards and we wouldn't have a time limit on our paddleboarding. It was a great addition to our trip. It deflates and stores easily. When it is inflated, it's the board of choice for everyone from my young teen daughter to my tall husband. It's really a great paddleboard and feels very sturdy and has a great surface when inflated. Easily ported and all-around a great board for the lake. Exceeded all our expectations and now we want a second one!”

A Toy RC Boat That Kids Will Adore

Enjoy the lake from dry land with the Force1 Velocity radio-controlled boat. This high speed rechargeable remote-controlled boat is perfect for freshwater racing or just goofing around on the water when everyone is finally done swimming. The powerful prop engine propels this speed demon up to 20 mph on open water and includes a capsize recovery button if (and when) this little baby flips over.

Reviewers say: “I love it that the high-speed racing boat can go up to 20 miles per hour. I was scared that the boat would crash and I would lose the boat, but instead, the boat has a flip recovery function that can help me retrieve it. Besides the great flip recovery function, the boat has a powerful high-speed motor and a large propeller.”

Best Lake Floats

A Supportive Float That Comes In Multiple Colors

Yes, pool noodles are fun, but it’s time to change things up. Mount up with the O’Brien foam floating saddle. Made of 5-ply poly foam with superior buoyancy, the extremely comfy saddle is used similar to sitting backward in a chair.

Reviewers say: “I bought one of these for use in our pool and for a trip to the lake. It performed beyond expectations. I am over 250 lbs and it was able to support me so that my head and shoulders remained completely out of the water. I will note that it does take some balancing and shifting in order to get it seated properly, but once you are balanced you just float effortlessly. We used it daily for over two weeks now and it still looks brand new. I would highly recommend it.”

A Water Mat Big Enough For The Whole Family

If you are livin’ the lake life then you know floating islands are THE lake toys of the moment. A perfect swim landing or launchpad for the water, the large rubber dockie is made of ultra-durable Tuff-Hide that protects the water mat but is still easy on the skin. It’s available to buy in two sizes.

Reviewers say: “The grandchildren and neighbors' children have had a great time with this mat all summer. Once [it] is in the water they do not want to come out. The children range in age from 3 to 14, with the parents getting in the act occasionally. They run, jump, flop, do cartwheels and flips, play king of the mat, etc. Always action except when they slow down a bit to catch a breath. This has clearly been the hit of the summer and given the looks as the boats swing by, we expect to see a few more on the lake this summer and next.”

A Chair That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In Your Living Room

Don’t’ waste your breath blowing up your lake floaty, and hop on to the Big Joe mesh captain's chair instead. From the same maker of our favorite bean bag chairs, Big Joe uses the same idea for their floating bean bag chairs that are just as lounge-worthy on the water as their land-dwelling counterparts.

Reviewers say: “It is hands down THE MOST COMFORTABLE way to float. I use it in a pool and on land. When its dry it's lightweight and with the handle is a cinch to tote around. Today I discovered that its even comfortable, on land, turned upside down - that way I can lay on my stomach on it and get some sun on my back. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!”

Best Lake Slides

A Slide With A Small Climbing Wall

Use this giant inflatable water slide to slide right into the water. The super-wide slide also features wall climbing on one side and enough room to prevent sibling bickering (which is always a win). A sure to be hit off the end of the dock, also give it a try floating in the water or even anchored so it won’t drift away.

Reviewers say: “This slide turned out much better than I expected! It fits great at the end of our dock on the lake and was easy to set up. So far, it has held up to about 20 kids ranging from 4 to 13 years old. My son is 7 years old and I was worried it was going to be too boring for him and the older kids because it’s not very tall, but they all seem to love it and they have found lots of ways to make it fun and interesting. Trust me when I say it has taken some abuse and it’s still standing, so I’m happy!”

A Slide That’s Great For Pontoon Boats

By using the straps provided on this pontoon slide, you can make your boat even more fun. The slide itself is built with reinforced PVC, and it can hold up to one individual at a time at 200 pounds or less. It can also easily attach to a dock, making your lake feel more like a pool.

Best Inflatable Lake Toys

This Float That’ll Let You See The Lake From A New Perspective

This innovative float with help you explore the underwater world of your lake (or any body of water) while barely getting wet. Your kiddos will spend hours in the unique clear bottomed raft viewing fish, hunting for turtles, and checking out all the underwater plant life.

Reviewers say: “True story. While paddleboarding this summer, I lost my brand new glasses in Lake Michigan. Rather than despair at my misfortune, some quick internet research led me to the Aquavue raft. With this indispensable tool, I was able to find them (in over ten feet of clear water) six days later after only 90 minutes in the search area. The Aquavue raft is easy to blow up and use. The clear plastic bottom is perfect for viewing large swaths of the underwater environment.”

An Incredibly Fun Novelty Float

Forget the giant white inflatable swans or the rainbow unicorn floaties (they’ve completely saturated social media by now anyway). Make a splash with a giant balloon animal lake float. Looking just like something we’d get from a clown at the fair, this adorable red balloon animal stretches 5 feet long but won’t pop like an average balloon thanks to high-strength vinyl.

Reviewers say: “This big inflatable is nothing short of adorable. With the help of a small electric inflator, he was blown up and in the pool, it’s been over a week and the valves are holding tight and no added air has been needed. The wind sends him sniffing all over the pool, and gusts even make his tail wag. He is wonderful and well designed.”

Best Lake Trampoline

An Island Hopper That’ll Make Your Vacation At The Lake More Memorable

Anchored to the bottom of the lake or moored to a boat, the Island Hopper water bouncer will give you a summer of fun! With a 500-pound weight limit, two adults can even enjoy some bounce time. Or just leave it to all the kiddos to bounce, splash, and laugh those long days of summer away.

Reviewers say: “Great first lake purchase for the kids. It provides a lot of fun for them especially when moved closer to the dock to allow for running jumps onto the Island Hopper. The kids absolutely love it!”

A Trampoline That Comes With Its Own Slide

The Rave Sports water bouncer is reimagined with the lake life in mind. Available in 5 and 7-foot diameters (with the price reflecting that of the 5-foot version) the favorite water trampoline is now available with a slide too. The folks at Rave Sport offer a lifetime warranty on the super durable bouncer.

Reviewers say: “This was the perfect addition to our lake vacation. Just the right size for teens and younger to have hours of fun in the water. Teenagers set it up easily and it never lost air or had any other issue. We had requests from the neighbor kids to use it when they saw how much fun it was! Yes, an adult or two may have taken a turn or two!”

Who says you need to stop your winning-at-parenting streak now? We’ve got tons of other amazing toys for every season here!

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