Mom Goes Viral For Sharing Money-Saving Cat And Jack Puffer Coat Sleeve Hack

All kids’ clothes should have this!

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A mom discovered that Cat & Jack winter coats have an easy way to extend the sleeve hem — and she's ...
ExhaustedMillennial / TikTok

One of the most irk-worthy aspects of being a parent is the never-ending clothes shopping. Kids grow at an astronomically fast rate which leads us to constantly replacing their clothing including shoes and coats (which can get pricey!).

One mom on TikTok is going viral after sharing an unsung winter coat clothing hack courtesy of Target’s popular children’s clothing brand — Cat and Jack.

Cat & Jack extended sleeve puffer coat hack

The Cat & Jack extended sleeve puffer coat hack — which I had no idea about until watching this video — will hopefully save parents some money and peace of mind when noticing that their kids have (once again) grown out of their winter coats.

TikTok user, ExhaustedMillennial, claims that she saw this Cat and Jack coat hack and immediately needed to try it for herself.

“My 3T daughter was a 2T last year. Just a little bit too small, nothing horrible,” she explains while showing her daughter’s coat from the winter season prior.

“So this is what it looks like before,” she notes to the camera while displaying the sleeve of the coat. “There's a string in here you can cut that will extend [the sleeve] ... So we're going to give it a try and see if we can get another year out of this coat, which was fantastic.”

How to extend sleeves on Cat and Jack puffer coat

On the inside of the Cat and Jack puffer coat, there is a red string sewn into the coat holding another folded piece of fabric on the coat.

If you cut that red string and pull out the thread, another cuff of sleeve will extend, lengthening the coat sleeves and hopefully giving parents another season with the same coat.

“Thank you Cat and Jack and Target. I don't know if all of them have it, but that's very helpful to know,” she says.

After her video went viral with almost half a million views, several TikTok users commented with other Cat and Jack items that also have the red thread to help with the longevity of their kid’s clothing.

One TikTok user wrote that the extended sleeve hack also works with older kid’s coats from Target including the All In Motion brand. The OP puts this to the test, and yes — the red thread hack works on the All In Motion kid’s puffer coats too.

Two other users suggested that Cat and Jack shoes and REI puffer coats also have this longevity hack. The OP also put those to the test, however, neither offered the red string hack nor the “in sole” hack that some Cat & Jack shoes supposedly have which lets you take out the insole to extend the life of a kid’s shoe.

Through her very helpful comment section, the OP found out that Cat and Jack snow pants also have the red thread clothing hack.

Patagonia and Columbia coats also have this sleeve extender hack. And many of L.L. Bean’s kids snowpants and winter coats also have hem extenders for multiple years of wear.

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