Bath Toy Storage Solutions That Keep Your Tub From Looking Like a Plastic Hell Zone

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A good bath toy storage solution is your ticket to zen. The bathroom is universally recognized as a place of retreat, a space to relax and unwind after a long day. Unless you have kids, in which case the bath becomes yet another playroom and opportunity for a mountain of mess. We’ve all been there: The bathtub becomes a sea of primary-colored toys, bubble bath, and baby sponges that threaten to take over. It’s an epic household battle of taming the endless kid clutter, and we’re gonna win this thing, come hell or toy-filled bathwater.

Whether you have your own bath or share one with the kids, a storage and organization plan will keep your space tidy and maintain your sanity. It’s also a healthy practice—safe storage helps prevent mildew growth because nothing will spoil a fun bath sesh like bacteria-infested toys. Most importantly, getting a handle on kids’ stuff in the bathroom will make room for YOUR things, like some extra-soft towels and your favorite soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. And who knows, maybe some space-saving toy storage will inspire the kids to pick up after themselves. It’s a good day for believing in miracles.

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Now that’s bathtime’s sorted, get them into their jammies and off to bed!


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