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These Pop Culture Baby Names Are Predicted To Be Super Trendy In 2023

From Aire to Wednesday, baby name trends are pulling straight from television, sports, books, and celebrities this year. What name will you pick?

Shows like 'Ginny and Georgia' and 'Wednesday,' as well as celebrity figures like Prince Harry, are ...
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Baby names are usually influenced by a few factors, namely family traditions and trends. You want to pick names that represent important pieces of your lives or your relationships. But sometimes, the names you picked out a decade earlier for “someday” suddenly feel dated or not quite right. When you turn to the world around you for inspiration, it’s easy to end up picking a “trendy” name. What names are trendy right now? According to research, parents will be picking names from pop culture in 2023.

Expect to see an uptick in the name Wednesday, along with some of her friends. That ‘90s Show reminded all of us just how cool a name like Leia can be. And, of course, the Kardashian Klan is full of interesting and unique naming inspiration (including the long-awaited re-name of Kylie Jenner’s baby boy). Luckily, even if you follow this trend, parents are faced with so many options that it seems unlikely your kid will ever be in a classroom with five other students named Georgia or Ilonka.

The world is your oyster when it comes to baby names: Nothing seems off-limits. There are, however, names that experts predict will peak in popularity this year, and language-training company Preply’s new International Name Report says these pop culture picks will hit.


Thanks to Kylie Jenner, you can expect the name Aire to soar to the top of many expecting parents’ baby names lists. Kylie even clarified on Instagram that it’s pronounced “air” and not “airy.” Other spins you could put on this name: Air, Heir, Airy, Sky


You can thank World Cup star Lionel Messi for making this name popular, again. The old-school-sounding name is Latin and means “little lion.” Which is oh-so-adorable.


Day names have been on the rise for a minute now, and Netflix’s new show about Wednesday Addams has only solidified that. Wednesday is German, derived from the god Woden, who was the god of war and wisdom. Pretty bad*ss. Based on the poem “Monday’s Child,” Wednesday is “full of woe.”


Meaning “home ruler,” Harry has always been somewhat popular thanks to many factors. Most recently, the uptick in popularity seems to spawn from parents who are siding with the Duke of Sussex in the ongoing royal row.


Once on the decline, the Sussexes have brought the name Meaghan back into the spotlight as well. Meaning “pearl,” Meaghan is the perfect name for your little gem, no matter how you spell it: Megan, Meagan, Meghan, etc.


Netflix is at it again, thanks to their popular show Anna about real-life New York socialite Anna Delvey. Anna means “favor” or “grace.” Variations of the name, like Anne or Hannah, have almost always been popular.


Celia means “heavenly” and is a shortened form of Cecelia. It’s popular thanks to Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. It also comes with two built-in nicknames: Cece and Lia. Cuuuuute!


With many parents enjoying alternate spellings of already popular names, TikTok Influencer Alix Earle has propelled this version into the forefront. Alix is gender-neutral and derived from Alex, which means “noble.”


Colleen Hoover’s book It Ends With Us has spurred a spike in the name Atlas. The name means “to carry” and refers to the Titan who “carried the world on his shoulders.”


Made popular by the books and the Netflix show Bridgeton, Penelope has run to the top of baby name trends. Penelope simply means “weaver” and has Greek roots.


Has Charlotte ever stopped being popular? The French name means “free man” and “petite.” It is not only the name of a British royal (Will and Kate’s daughter) and was a favorite Sex and the City character, but is also a character from the world of Bridgerton.


Georgia is the feminine form of George, which means “earth-worker” or “farmer,” and hails from Latin and Greek origins. It’s become popular thanks to Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia.


Star Wars fans have loved the name Leia for a long time — which is exactly why it was chosen as the name of Eric Forman’s daughter on That ‘90s Show. The name has multiple pronunciations and meanings across various cultures. But the Hawaiian meaning, “child of heaven,” seems to fit the Star Wars princess/general best.


Another Taylor Jenkins Reid book has infiltrated baby naming trends. Inspired by the free spirit and deep talent of the lead character in Daisy Jones and The Six, music, book, and flower lovers are flocking to the name.


Ilonka is a Greek name that means “light.” Its rise in popularity is directly linked to the breakthrough hit The Midnight Club on Netflix.

Not a fan of these exact names? No worries. They’re just suggestions. If you love the media that inspired them, you could also go with other names from those franchises. Rey and Luke are already well-loved Star Wars names. Ginny or Virginia from Ginny and Georgia is just as sweet. And The Midnight Club also boasts interesting names like Igby (technically an actor) and Anya. Using Archie or Lilibet are two other ways to show your support for the Duke and Duchess without choosing more traditional names like Meg and Harry. The naming options are nearly limitless.