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40+ Extra-Cute Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers — & Babies, Too

Basket-building with a side of “awww!”

Written by Deirdre Kaye
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Mother and daughter paint eggs. Family in a kitchen. Preparing for Easter

Is it baby's first visit from the Easter Bunny? Squeeeee! Or maybe you've got a toddler who is just now fully realizing how much fun a visit from the holiday rabbit can be. Double squee! There's just one problem: Like, uh, what do you get for that tiny, adorable blob or the toddler who wants to shove everything in their mouth (edible or otherwise)? In that respect, Easter basket ideas for babies and Easter basket ideas for toddlers are essentially the same — all about figuring out whether you should even put one together for a child so young and, if you do, making sure whatever you put in it won't hurt your little baby bunny.

When you were growing up, your Easter baskets probably looked pretty similar every year: fun Easter candy, some cute new undies, and maybe an egg of Silly Putty. None of that really works for a baby, though, does it? And, let's be real, any self-respecting toddler would have that Silly Putty in their mouth in five seconds flat. Plus, it's entirely plausible your precious chonk won't even remember these early Easters. As such, a lot of parents don't worry about throwing too much time or money at Easter baskets before kids reach kindergarten.

Some of us, though, *cough-me-cough* love any excuse to go balls-to-the-wall when celebrating any holiday. Will your adorable little peach remember that giant pink baskets filled with nonsense? No. Could that exorbitant amount of money have been used on diapers, wipes, and the like? Sure. But you're here. You're extra. And you're ready to go all out. Hey, game respects game.

So, if you're ready to stuff way too much crap into a pastel-colored basket, bucket, or tub, we have all kinds of ideas of how to fill it.

To Theme... Or Not To Theme?

You're already springing into action all extra-like — why not stick the landing? An Easter basket theme can be as vague or specific as you want it to be. Perhaps your theme is just "Easter." That's cool. Pastel colors and baby animals will solidify that theme just fine. It's also fun to go a little more specific, though.

For instance, my babe's first Easter coincided with her turning two months old — and finding out she had ultra-sensitive skin. We did a primarily hygiene-themed Easter basket and filled it with new, softer wash clothes, some more expensive, hypoallergenic, somehow-extra-and-less-at-the-same-time soaps and lotions. We bought the "sensitive skin" butt cream, too. But to make it a little more fun, we included her first actual bath toys and a book about bathing. The next year? Her basket was all themed around a pastel green because she'd already picked a favorite color.

So, a theme can be something as simple as choosing to stay within a particular color palette, or it can be all about meeting a need. Because it's an "Easter basket," there's already a built-in theme. In other words, go as super specific or as wildly random as you want. These early Easter baskets are honestly all about what you want, anyway!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

Bath Supplies

You probably got some of this stuff at your baby shower, but they seem to disappear super fast. The first, second, and third time your baby poops in their bathtub, you probably just went ahead and tossed the washcloth you used for cleanup. So, you can always use more. And, for real, you'll never have too many wipes. Ever. Hygiene products look cute in a basket but are also super practical. It’s a win-win (especially for you).


If you're hitting sleep regressions, teething, or beginning to deal with separation anxiety, you might be looking for ways to soothe that sweet baby of yours. Any of these options would be perfect to add to a baby's first Easter basket or to incorporate into a basket for your extra-snuggly toddler.


We started our lives as parents with a ton of bottles. But no matter how diligent you are with your bottle cleaning duties, you lose some over time. And when you find them, you'll wish you hadn't. An Easter basket can be a great time to restock your bottle supply, pick up some new feeding supplies to start your weaning journey, or just grab some extra cute new bibs.

Fun Stuff

Not everything in that basket needs to be practical. Here's your chance to cave when you see the adorable bunny costume. Or better yet, try out a balloon. Research shows that gently and safely tying a balloon to your babe's kicking feet helps them practice eye tracking, concentration, cause and effect, and so much more. This should obviously be done under close supervision. But you can literally get cute balloons at The Dollar Tree now. So, it's a cheap thrill for you and your little one.

Items to Bring to Easter Egg Hunts for Toddlers

Is your little one gearing up for an Easter egg hunt? Protect them and ensure they have a good time by bringing more than just a basket:

  • Sunscreen
  • Marker to label your little one's eggs
  • Bottled water
  • A play mat or blanket for them to sit on in the grass

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