July 3, 2022

The Wheel Of Feels

July 3, 2022

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Iliza Shlesinger Hates Mom-Shamers As Much As You Do

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ByDanielle Pergament



I’m looking forward to my 3rd C-section just so I get a 2 days break from my 4 yo and 2 yo boys!

Confessional #28763

I can’t find the words to tell my 7 year old her grandfather is never coming out of hospital.

Confessional #29363

I resent my unborn baby for changing my body.

Confessional #8734

In the three years I have been a mother I have never once felt like I’ve done it right.

Confessional #5648

My two teenagers are going away for one month and I am upset because it was supposed to be two!!!

Confessional #52380

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Water Safety
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FDA Warns Against Baby Neck Floats After A Reported Death

The organization urged caregivers to stop using inflatable neck floats, especially with babies who have developmental delays or special needs.

Important Intel
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How To Make Your Period End Faster, According To A Health Practitioner

PSA: Home remedies like drinking lemon juice probably won't help.

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Can You Eat Spicy Food While Pregnant?

Why your favorite hot sauce is probably safe.

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HBD, America! These 4th Of July Quotes Embody The Spirit Of Independence Day

It’s important to keep our freedom in perspective.

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The 7 Best Breast Pump Bags For Moms On The Move

One thing made easier.

U.S. of Yay
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Feel Free To Use These 4th Of July Captions For Your Family’s Patriotic Pics

Red, white, and made for your crew.

Ask the Expert
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How To Recognize The Signs Of Codependency In Kids & Adults

What a family therapist says you should know about this worrisome issue.

Tea, Please!
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7 Best Non-Coffee Drinks At Starbucks For When You Need To Lay Off The Java

Because sometimes you just need to change it up a little.

Getting Pregnant
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For The First Time Ever, The Median Age Of Motherhood Is 30

There are multiple, nuanced reasons the median age of moms has jumped from 27 to 30.

Author Q&A
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‘Book Lovers’ Author Emily Henry Talks Humor, Books, and Writing in a Pandemic

Book Lovers is for bookworms and it may just be Henry’s funniest novel yet.

This Really Happened
ByMaggie Clancy

Victoria Beckham Recalls Being Publicly Weighed Two Months After Giving Birth

The former Spice Girl recalled when she was pressured to weigh herself on live TV in 1999, two months after delivering her first baby.

vaccinate me elmo
ByKrystal Martinez

Finally, Elmo Gets His COVID-19 Vaccine

Now that the under-5 set can get their shot, Elmo led by example on Instagram.

Hey baby
ByKrystal Martinez

Tom Hiddleston and Fiancée Zawe Ashton Are Expecting A Baby

The mom-to-be debuted her belly on the red carpet on Wednesday.

Raising Awareness
ByKrystal Martinez

NFL Player Tevin Coleman Speaks Out About Raising A Child With Sickle Cell Disease

The New York Jets football player, his wife, and their daughter have the condition, and they’re raising awareness.

reach out
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Even Holidays Like The 4th Of July Can Be Hard On Your Divorced Friends

Check in with them — it means more than you know.

five finger discount?
BySarah Aswell

Nurse RespondsTo A New Dad 'Stealing' Diapers From The Hospital

A Seattle nurse and TikTok influencer has insider info on taking hospital extras after having a baby.