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July 13, 2024
love me love me
ByMeg St-Esprit

I’ve Actually Learned So Much About Self-Love From My Skincare-Obsessed Tweens

Watching my kids start to carve out non-negotiable time for themselves every evening feels huge to me. It is huge.


Yes, You've Got To Teach Your Kids How To Wash Themselves

Puberty will make your kid stink. Full stop.

Here We Go

What Are The Signs Your Kid Might Get Their First Period Soon-ish?

Prepare to put together a period kit! Here are some clues this milestone is close.

hello there

I'm A Mom Of Two Boys & We Live In A Naked House

I have far from the perfect body. Which is exactly why I walk around naked.

hard pass

My Kid Looks Like A Teen & It Freaks Me Out

My 10-year-old son looks more like a teenager than a preteen.


'I Have A Crush On My Toddler's Friend's Dad'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents share about forbidden crushes, going back to work, custody battles, and more.

The Wheel Of Feels

Scary Mommy Originals

Taylor Wolfe Is Just Trying To Laugh It Off Like The Rest Of Us

Dave Ogleton Talks Dad Jokes, Youth Sports, & Parenting Every Stage From Teens To Toddlers

Ilana Glazer Is Late For Toddler Yoga

Alyce Chan Is In The Parenting Sweet Spot

Nicki Maher Is Just Here To Have A Good Time

Nicole Story Dent Can’t Believe Y2K Style Is Back, Either

Kayla Sullivan Is Live On The Scene Of Motherhood & Reporting For Duty

Andie MacDowell & Chyler Leigh Are Your New Fave Mother-Daughter TV Duo

Meet Soliana Sapp, Your Pink-Robe-Insta-Fave & New Mom Bestie

Caitlin Murray Is Adulting... Big Time

Hilarie Burton Is Doing It All For Her Daughter

All Hail Geri Halliwell-Horner!

'Workin' Mom's Catherine Reitman Gets Real About Sex & Marriage Post-Kids

Andrea Savage Knows Her Kid Is Gonna Talk About Her In Therapy One Day

Iliza Shlesinger Hates Mom-Shamers As Much As You Do

Gabrielle Union Brings It

love 2 see it
BySuzanne Zuckerman

Our Obsession With Social Media Grandmas, Explained

It’s no wonder I’m a sucker for content created by and about grandmas, since I miss my own so much.

one, two, three!

This Summer, I'm Always Jumping In

What if I reclaimed a child’s attitude for swimming, just for one summer?


My Kid Is Barely On The Spectrum, & I Feel Caught Between Two Worlds

Where’s the space for moms like me?

She grins!

I Swear My MIL Is Doing This Just To F*ck With Me

You may think I’m a conspiracy theorist, but hear me out.


'I Can't Trust Anything My Husband Says'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about childish husbands, job hunting, cancelled hair appointments, and more.

welcome to the jungle

So Parenting Is Just Doing Things You’re Scared Of Over and Over?

Sure I may be anxious, but this all seems way too daunting.


got him!
ByKatie Garrity

Serena Williams Took A Dig At Controversial KC Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker At The ESPYs

She definitely did not hold back!

genius or selfish?

Moms On TikTok Are Raving About Display Baby Showers

I'm Lovin' It

McDonald's Free French Fries Deal Is The Ultimate Summer Mom Dinner


Redditor's Family Offers Advice To Make Husband More Responsible: Have A Baby!


Sweden Offers Paid Leave To Grandparents Helping With Grandkids


Toxic Tampons: First Of Its Kind Study Finds Heavy Metals In Tampons

knowledge is power

Woman Warns Parents About The "Super Inappropriate" Books Their Tween Might Want To Read

From Fur-Mom To Fur-rustrated

New Mom Sees The Pets She Once Loved As 'Nasty, Dirty, Monsters'


Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, & Eddie Murphy Are Heading Back To The Swamp In Shrek 5

eat up!

This Mom Defended The Hefty Lunch She Packed For 9-Year-Old Daughter

play day

Dad Asks If Any Parent Actually Enjoys Playing With Their Kids

you've gotta be squiddin' me

This Woman Wonders If She’s Overreacting After Her Sister Shared Her Baby-To-Be’s Odd Name

good for him!

A Stay-At-Home Dad Sent The Most Hilarious Video To His Wife After She Gifted Him A Hotel Stay

At Long Last

The Morning Show Season 4 Is Officially In Production — Here's What's Next For Alex & Bradley

nailed it

This Dad Shared Several Things That Make A “Lazy Father” & The List Is So Spot On

no one wins

TikToker Breaks Down "The Nag Paradox" That Creates So Many Fights For Couples


Why is talking to parents at summer rec so hard?

Confessional #309

I pay more than my husband in expenses, and I’m pissed

Confessional #8312

I started weight loss injections, but I’m telling people I’m just seeing a dietician and working out

Confessional #1485

I inherited a chunk of money. My husband treats me better, now that I can afford options.

Confessional #6655

My BIL is an idiot

Confessional #457

More Confessions

'I Can't Trust Anything My Husband Says'

'My Husband And I Got Divorced And Told No One'

'I Don't Want To Have Sex Again But I Want A Second Baby'

'I Think About Divorce To Get A Break'

'All My Mom Friends Are Alcoholics'

'The Stress Of House Repairs Is Ruining My Sex Life'

'I Really Want My Husband To Get A Viagra Script'

'I Have Become A New WILD Person In The Bedroom'

'I'm Having The Best Sex Of My Life At 37'

‘My Parents Have Gotten Weird In Retirement & I Hate It’

'I'm So Sick Of Parenting My Mother And Mother In Law'

'Public School Is Ruining My Child'

'My Husband Had An Affair With A Drop Off Mom'

'My Husband Is Being A Whiney Baby About Lack Of Sex'

'My Husband Can’t Get Me Off’

From The Confessional: 'Husband Confessed To Being A Sex Addict'

Book Club

Your Queer Historical Romance Of The Summer Is You Should Be So Lucky

16 Novels To Slip Into Your Beach Bag This Summer

Obsessed With Fourth Wing? Add These Romantasy Novels to Your TBR Pile ASAP

7 Spicy Romantasy Books Just Like A Court of Thorns And Roses

Dreaming Of Warmer Weather? 10 Spring Books That Will Get You Excited For Sunnier Days Ahead

8 Historical Fiction Novels To Read During Women’s History Month

The Most Anticipated Books By Black Authors Coming In 2024

The Best Books of 2024 You Need To Have On Your Radar

10 Empowering Novels That Center On Badass Single Moms

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What Book You Should Read Next Based On Your Favorite Romance Trope

8 Fiction Food Novels That Will Feed Your Imagination (& Make You Hungry)

8 Books Like Gilmore Girls Worthy Of A La-La-La String Melody

What You Should Read Next Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era

10 Books That Are As Sweet As Ted Lasso’s Biscuits

8 Balmy Novels Like The Summer I Turned Pretty

Celebrity Interviews

ByJulie Sprankles

Kellie Gerardi Is Just Your Average Mom Astronaut, NBD

One of the first 100 women in space, this multi-hyphenate STEM star opens up to Scary Mommy about being a parent who isn’t always on the same planet as her kid. (Literally.)

yes yes yes

Your Queer Historical Romance Of The Summer Is You Should Be So Lucky

candid kylie

Kylie Kelce Says Her Family Thrives In The Chaos: “You Have To Embrace It”


One Of Your Favorite '90s Child Stars Now Writes Nostalgic Romance Novels With His Wife


Paris Hilton Opens Up About Surrogacy Judgment In Never-Before-Read Book Excerpt


Hillary Swank Had A Feeling She’d Be A Twin Mom


Kat Stickler Gets Really Real About Motherhood


Rochelle Johnson Didn’t Know Anyone With Autism. Then Her Son Was Diagnosed.


AJLT Star Nicole Ari Parker Dishes On Motherhood, Marriage & Of Course, Fashion


Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gets Real About Mom Guilt

Keepy Uppy

Bluey's Mum & Dad Address The For-Real-Life Rumors That The Beloved Kids’ Show Is Ending

We're All "Lunatics" Here

Maren Morris’ Next Act


Top Chef’s Gail Simmons Has Some Surprising Advice For Parents Of Picky Eaters

shay rules

Scheana Shay Gets Real About Postpartum OCD

mom mode

Kylie Kelce Explains How Jason Helps Her Keep Her Cool While Parenting

america's mom

Donna Kelce Opens Up About Her Approach To Being A Mother-In-Law

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night night
ByJanine Annett

All The Crap I Do To Sleep As A Perimenopausal Woman

Yup, this suuucks.

product recs

Scary Mommy Editors’ Best Secrets For Beating Summer Sweat

Let’s talk thigh chafing, folks.


Traveling And Parenting Is More Stressful On Women Than Men — And It May Be Causing Vacation Constipation For Moms

Meet: The Gut Gap™

I'm serious

Yep, Male Menopause Is The Real Deal

Of course, men don't want to talk about it.

I deserve it

5 Things I Bought Myself For My 40th Birthday As A Mom Of 4

I bought things I wanted for myself — not my kids, not my husband — and it felt great. Here’s what I got.

school of life

I Thought I Knew My Marriage. Then I Had Kids.

Struggling through parenthood together taught me so much about myself, my husband, and our relationship itself.

birth order
ByJulia Williamson

What Are We Gonna Do Without The Middle Children?

They’re less and less common... and we’re gonna miss them.

let's go!

I Love Going On Road Trips With My Disabled Son — Here's How We Make It Work

Last year, we drove from New Jersey to Key West and had a great time. Here are my secrets.

let's goooo

13 Fantasy Books For Dragon-Obsessed Kids

Honestly, what could be better?

Keep 'Em Busy

These Easy Summer Crafts For Kids Are TikTok-Approved

Your kids are begging for the phone, the TV, the tablet, anything. What now?

Let's Go

The Top 10 Most Family-Friendly Cities For Summer Vacation, According To New Study

Yes, Orlando made the cut — but it’s not #1.

Stack Your Queue

20 Shows On Apple TV+ You Shouldn’t Sleep On

The soundtrack of Loot alone makes it worth the watch.

Original Videos

Know The Signs
ByArielle Tschinkel

Do You Have Typical Pregnancy Jitters, Or Is It Medical Anxiety?

It's natural to feel worried, but experts say there’s a point where it becomes something more serious.

Take Note

Need-To-Know Info: Can You Get Pregnant During Perimenopause?

Don’t toss out the contraceptives just yet.

Ugh, Amirite?

Bloating During Ovulation? It's A Thing (That Sucks)

Here’s what causes it, plus what you can do to alleviate it.

gigi and papa

Here Are The Most Popular Grandparent Nicknames In America, According To A New Study

Some of these were a bit surprising!

Blissful Baby Bubble

The Postpartum Choices Kourtney Kardashian Isn't Budging On This Time

Now that Kourtney Kardashian shares her 4th child with husband Travis Barker, she isn't backing down on these parenting decisions.


23 Edwardian-Era Baby Names Full Of Hope & Progression

While still being majorly vintage and unique, obvi.

ByCandace Nagy

Thousands Of People Say These 65 Clever Things On Amazon Changed Their Lives

Thoroughly vetted, totally game-changing.

got him!
ByKatie Garrity

Serena Williams Took A Dig At Controversial KC Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker At The ESPYs

She definitely did not hold back!

Stack Your Queue
ByJulie Sprankles

20 Shows On Apple TV+ You Shouldn’t Sleep On

The soundtrack of Loot alone makes it worth the watch.

It's Gonna Be A Wild Ride
ByJulie Sprankles

A Ginny & Georgia Star Teases That Season 3’s Big Twists Will Give Fans “Whiplash”

Nathan Mitchell (aka Zion) promises it’s worth the wait.

truth time
ByVanessa Kroll Bennett and Cara Natterson, MD

The Nitty-Gritty 411 On Balls

Are you completely mystified by these hanging appendages? Don’t worry — we got you.

ByCandace Nagy

60 Chic, Comfy Outfits That Make You Look Put-Together & Are Under $35

Polished looks, uncompromising comfort.

Oh, what fun!
ByJulie Sprankles

Hallmark Is Debuting A New Streaming Platform & 40 Fresh Holiday Movies Later This Year

Christmas has come early, Hallmarkies.

Liar, Liar
ByMorgan Music

Divorce Coach Breaks Down How To Handle Co-Parenting With A Liar

Divorce coach Leah Marie tells parents exactly what to do when a co-parent is feeding your children lies.

genius or selfish?
ByKatie Garrity

Moms On TikTok Are Raving About Display Baby Showers

However, the newer concept has ruffled some feathers.

I'm Lovin' It
BySamantha Darby

McDonald's Free French Fries Deal Is The Ultimate Summer Mom Dinner

Don’t forget the Coke.