Dec. 3, 2022

The Wheel Of Feels

One Funny Mommy

Iliza Shlesinger Hates Mom-Shamers As Much As You Do

The comedian, author and new mom talks Foley balloons, formula stigma, and “gorgeous” baby poop.

Written by Danielle Pergament

5 Personalized Holiday Gifts Ideas That Don't Require A Ton Of Time & Money

I have a secret weapon that takes the stress out of holiday gift-giving.

Written by Katie Cloyd



I kinda want a divorce.

Confessional #19018

I don’t want to potty train my kid. I think she’s ready but I’m not.

Confesional #3472

I really don’t like other people’s kids.

Confessional #91282

I REALLY dislike my MIL.

Confessional #12315

I hope my BIL and his wife don’t get pregnant before us.

Confessional #28600

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